In Long Hill Township, we believe that:

  • education is a growth process by which people learn to think and act more effectively

  • we must provide a safe, pleasant environment for learning

  • respect for the policies of a democratic government is desirable

  • students understand and respect the traditions, customs, and heritage of the country

  • students should be encouraged to use leisure time wisely

  • students should be taught that education in a broad sense, can become a lifelong pursuit

Long Hill Township School

Board of Education
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Gillette School
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Central Middle School
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Posted on 11/20/2017

Registration for new students will take place in the School Office which your child will be attending. The New Student Registration Packet can be found at Enrollment under the Parents tab. Please complete the registration form and affidavit which must be notarized. Please bring original birth certificate and original proof of residency documents plus one copy of each (valid driver's license with current address, recent credit card bill, a utility bill showing property address, lease agreement showing property address or vehicle insurance card with current address are examples of documentation that can be provided).