Get Connected

The Long Hill Township School District has three separate systems that parents need to be connected with. If you have not already established an account in all three systems, please do so as soon as possible.

  1. Honeywell Instant Alert

    This is the system that is used by the district for emergency communication with parents. It allows messages to be delivered to parents via email and text message. Access the Honeywell Instant Alert website at:
    If you are new to the district, Click on the "New User-Parent" link to set up your account.
    **When you configure the times for your emergency alerts make sure that the "Calls Start" selection is not later than 5:00 a.m. on weekdays as school closing calls are typically sent between 5:00 and 5:15 a.m.
    There is no limit to the number of phone numbers that you can enter into this system.

  2. Genesis Parent Portal

    This is the system that allows parents to access student report cards. Student report cards are released online for students approximately one week after the end of each of the four marking periods. Parents can also view student schedules and attendance in the system.
    There is an icon to access the parent portal from the district website ( The Parent Portal "globe" icon is at the upper right on the home page. Click on the icon to get to the Parent Portal Log In Screen.
    Access to this system is established by the district. Once you complete a registration form, a welcome email will be sent to you with your user name (your email address) and a password.

  3. Long Hill School District Website -

    The new district website is a primary means of communication with the district. It is the means by which we send email broadcasts such as the "Friday Flyers" (an electronic collection of various notices and announcements about school events, community events, local sports information, summer camp information, etc.) which is sent to all users on Fridays. Central Middle School uses the website to email its "Daily Bulletin" to parents. Millington and Gillette Schools use it to send their "Weekly Updates."
    All parents should have an account in the system. If you have not yet established an account, visit and click on the "Register" button at the top of the screen.
    Once you have established an account:

    Each of these systems provide a link in case you have forgotten your password.

    School District Website Subscriptions - - After you sign in

    Click on the "My Account" button.
    Select "Edit My Account"
    Select "Subscriptions"
    Click on "Manage Subscriptions"
    On the "Homepages and Calendars" tab - select the Long Hill Township School District and each school where you have a child enrolled.
    On the "Other Areas of Interest" tab -

    1. Be sure to select "Long HIll Township School District," under All Channels select "Resources," then check off Friday Flyers
    2. Select the school(s) where you children are enrolled
      Central School>"Our School">"Daily Bulletin"
      Millington School>"Our School">"Weekly Bulletin"
      Gillette School>"Our School">"Weekly Bulletin"
    3. Select the school(s) where your children are enrolled
      >Teacher Sites>Select the teacher(s) that your child(ren) are assigned to
    4. If your child participates in athletics at Central Middle School, you may also want to subscribe to the page(s) for the sport(s) they participate in
      Central School>Athletics

    YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO THE "DAILY BULLETIN" (Central) and/or "WEEKLY INFORMATION" (Gillette and Millington) pages in order to receive the daily/weekly eblasts from schools.

    We also request that you subscribe to the Board Agenda and Board Brief pages to enable you to receive important Board of Education Information.

    Select Long Hill Township School District from the first drop down and "Board of Education" from the second.

    You can subscribe to as many sections or pages as you choose.

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