TESTS and Homework

A Land of Wonders wkst. - due Sept. 8th
Comparing Climates wkst. - due Sept. 11th
Thinking About New Words wkst. - due Sept. 13th
Test on Africa - Sept. 20th 
Investigations of China & Japan wkst. - due Sept. 25th
Quiz on Early China - Sept. 28th
Geography & Background Questions About Japan - due Oct. 2nd
Quiz on Early Japan - Oct. 6th
DaVinci Questions - due Oct.13th
Michelangelo Questions - due Oct. 16th
Life in the Lower Classes Questions - due Oct. 18th
Reformation wkst. - due Oct. 24th
Test on the Renaissance & Reformation - Oct. 27th
Age of Exploration Challenge Questions (green) - due Oct. 31st
Test on European Exploration - Nov. 7th
Roman Numerals packet - due Nov. 20th
Magna Carta & Declaration of Independence questions - due Nov. 22nd
Test on European Colonization & the Slave Trade - Nov. 28th
Enlightenment questions - due Nov. 30th
Executive Branch crossword- due Dec. 13th
Bill of Rights worksheet - due Dec. 15th
Test on the Growth of Democracy - Dec. 20th