Weekly Objectives

Here are the objectives we will be covering this week: Week of: October 23rd, 2017

 1. English/Language Arts: We will be starting our nonfiction unit, studying text features and the different types of nonfiction texts.

2. Math: We will continue Topic 4, which focuses on addition and subtraction of whole numbers. There will be a Topic 4 test on Thursday, October 26th.

3. Writing: We will be revising the first and second drafts of our personal narratives, thinking about dialogue and descriptive words.

4. Science: We will begin Chapter 7, which focuses on living things in ecosystems. The animal project that is due on November 7th will take place of a Chapter 7 test.

5. Social Studies: We will continue Unit 1, which focuses on early New Jersey. There will be a Unit 1 Test on Thursday, November 2nd.