What's New in Room 16?


Selim - March 4th

Important Days:
March 2nd - Dress like Dr. Seuss
March 5th 1/2 day - PJ Day
March 6th 1/2 Day Wear groovy clothes
March 7th - Book Fair - Wear favorite clothes
March 8th - Reading Night- Animal Day
March 9th - Unique Day
March 30th - SCHOOL CLOSED

Language Arts:
We have now met all of our Super Kid friends and are starting a new unit called Superkids' Club.  We will continue to practice our 5 star writing (Capital letter to start my sentence, Punctuation to end my sentence, use finger spaces, Use neat handwriting, My sentence makes sense) and work on learning our word families.

I, a, go, can, red, see, blue, yellow, me, look, my, we, to, it, in, the, one, is, not, big, run, you, up, two, play, and, under, help, where. for, three, jump, said, little, find, down, here, come, make, away, funny, am, all, brown, black, he, she, at, ate, are, did, do, our, too, be, but

We will be learning how to use picture graphs to answer questions and count how many, to use objects to show different ways to make various numbers and how to write number sentences.

Social Sciences:
This month we will be celebrating many authors during Read Across America Week as well as learning about the season of spring.

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to make our Valentine's Social a big success!  The class really enjoyed the party!