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4-L Class Information

SS Regions Unit:

North East State and Capitals Practice Quizzes
South East States and Capitals Practice Quizzes
Midwestern States and Capitals Quizzes
"Anything will come to he or she who reads"- Lucy Calkins, TCRWP
Statistics show that students need to read 1-1.5hours A DAY to maintain grade level reading- Lucy Calkins, TCRWP  
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"Education is everything.  The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education."
-Mark Twain
Important Dates:    
- 6/12 Math Placement Test
- 6/13 Parent Visit (Current Event News Real) (am)
- 6/13 Picnic (pm) 
- 6/14 Spelling Bee
- 6/16 Science Test Chapter 10: Lessons 3 and 4 ONLY
- 6/16 Homework Island Closes
- 6/19 Gym Funday with Mr. Lisbona
- 6/19 Risk and Homework Island Celebration  
How to Level a Book at Home:
Select bookwizard from the choices on the left hand side
Click Guided Reading (A-Z) above the search bar
Then type in the title OR author of the book you would like to level
The guided reading level will be right below the title and age group, written in grey, on the right/ center of the box
IF there is no level available (this happens with newer books especially, then look at the age group suggested) 
Helpful Apps for Google Chrome:
Announcify: Will read any text on the screen outloud so that the kids can do a guided read along.  Great to use with current events for difficult words.
Ginger: corrects grammar as typed, works like a small dictionary off to the side of the webpage.
Rewordify: Takes dense, hard to read/ understand material and alters the level to appropriate for 4th grade.  Copy and paste the text, and convert (free).  Level settings are found under settings at the top right of the screen.  Great for current events! 
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