Alaan, Mrs. J.
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Jessica Alaan, MS, OTR

​Occupational Therapy

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am out on maternity leave with a return date of November 15, 2017.  I look forward to seeing the students and all the growth that has taken place over the last six months!

 If you would like to speak to my replacements you can email them at the following email addresses:

Angelica Giordano -

Lori Wighard- 

Or call at:

908-647-2313 ext. 1001. Be mindful that the therapists travel between schools, so if you leave a voicemail it may take 24 hours to hear back. 

I have been working in the Long Hill Schools since 2007 as the district's Occupational Therapist. Prior to working in Long Hill Township I worked for four years in public and private schools and a private practice setting in Northern New Jersey.  When not working, I enjoy spending time with my two children and husband.

Since starting in Long Hill, I have taken all courses necessary to become Level I certified in "Handwriting without Tears". I take several continuing education courses a year to further my knowledge and skills.  Courses I have taken include but are not limited to; self-regulation and sensory integration, vision and vestibular processing, therapeutic handling, therapeutic taping and sound based therapies.  I also hold an advanced Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy.

I spend my time in Gillette, Millington and Central Schools working closely with the students, as well as the teachers, in order to facilitate the maximum level of gains. I use various approaches when working with the children; including sensory integration, motor skill acquisition and strengthening. I have found that a combination of all approaches maximizes gains. During the occupational therapy sessions, I use games and activities that are internally motivating for the children and address as many areas as possible through play# Occupational therapy sessions are delivered individually, in small groups, in class and through consultation depending on the needs of the individual student.

Students are given individualized home programs or activities to practice at home, based on the needs of the individual child. It is recommended that all students take time to be active each day. It is also beneficial for students to engage in various fine motor tasks at their current skill level.