Que paso en Espanol

2nd grade will be working on the days of the week using songs, videos, simple worksheets and playing teacher made board games

3rd grade will review the days of the week: adding what today is and what tomorrow will be. Discussing what the differences are between a Hispanic calendar and the US calendar.
Students will be working on worksheets, teacher made board games and review the days with a cute "days of the week song."

4th grade will be working on today is, tomorrow will be, and yesterday was... building upon what was previously learned. 
Using a video to explain... hoy es, manasa sera, ayer fue.
Teacher made board games will be used to play fun games in order to use the new vocabulary and use each classroom's own schedule to identify what days certain specials or on.

5th grade will be adding to today is, tomorrow will be, and yesterday was...  the day after tomorrow will be and the day before yesterday was.
Individual white boards will be use to have simple and quick assessment and will continue with teacher guided teacher made worksheets. Two teacher made games will be used to help with he use of the new vocabulary.