Eckert, Ms. K.

   Hello! Welcome to 8th Grade Language Arts! My name is Miss. Eckert and I am excited to be your guide this year on your journey to becoming strong writers. It is my firm belief that everyone is a writer; everyone has a unique set of opinions and stories inside of them that only they can tell. This year, it is my goal for you to find your own unique voice as a writer and to help you build a great foundation of proper writing skills. Throughout the year you will be asked to produce writing samples ranging from shorter, more informal works to longer, formal essays on various topics. We will also work together to help strengthen your grammar, vocabulary, and oral presentation skills. As long as you come prepared with a great work ethic and a positive attitude, it should be a great year for everyone.

Contact Info:


   Phone: (908) 647-2311 ex: 4279

   *It is usually easiest to reach me via email*

Primary Classroom Textbooks:

   -Holt’s Elements of Language

   -Sadlier Oxford’s Vocabulary Workshop   

Grading Policy:

   50% Tests or written assignments counted as tests

   30% Quizzes or written assignments counted as quizzes

   20% Homework

Class Expectations:

   1. Be on time and ready to learn—being ready to learn means having all your supplies necessary for class, your homework is completed with effort, and you are mentally present and engaged in class.

   2. Respect yourself and others— this includes, but is not limited to, listening politely when others are speaking, raising your hand, maintaining a positive attitude, and helping to ensure that our class is a positive space where all students feel comfortable learning.

   3. Respect your school— you should be helping to keep our classroom neat and organized.

I look forward to having a great year with all of you!