-Weekly Update


For the week of February 12th

Math- We will continue Topic 10: Fraction Comparison and Equivalence.  A Topic 10 Review will be sent home on Tuesday, February 20th, with a test scheduled for Tuesday, February 21st.

*Vocabulary: Nonfiction List 4




the act of working together



daily record of personal thoughts or experiences



easily bothered or angered



turn over power or control to another party or to something



give a brief statement of the main points of a book or topic




provide someone with amusement or enjoyment



travel to an unfamiliar area to learn about it or familiarize oneself with it


*Continue to practice writing responses to what they are reading in their reading journal.  They will make connections to the text.
Skills: fact and opinion, cause and effect, making generalizations, 
character, setting, plot, graphic sources, drawing conclusions, 
main idea and details, literary elements, sequence, compare and 
contrast, author's purpose, and summarize.

Social Studies- Begin Unit 3: Many Cultures, One Country.
Science- Begin Chapter 15: Force and Motion.