Writer's Block Busters
Free-writing can be very difficult, especially if you do not feel like you have anything to write about.  HAVE NO FEAR, this page will help you come up with original ideas for your weekly writer's notebook entries.  Use the following ideas and links as a starting point for you writing:

1) Go outside (or if weather prevents you from doing so, look out the window) and write about what you see or what you hear.  Rely on your senses to capture a great writing piece.

2) Think about what would make a picture-perfect day for you.  What would you do?  Who would you see? 
      -Have you already experienced a day that you believe was picture-perfect that you often think about?  What made it so memorable?

3) What are your goals for the future?  (These can be short-term: what you plan to do in seventh grade or eighth grade; or they can be long-term goals: what do you see yourself doing in high school, college, after college?)

4)What are your biggest fears and why? 

5) Write a letter to someone that you admire (a family member, a celebrity, a musician, an athlete... etc.).

6) Write a letter to your future self.  Do you have any questions about who you will turn out to be in the future?  Do you have any memories that you want to make sure your future self remembers?

7) Picture Prompts: Use this link to browse through pictures uploaded by NY Times.  You can make up a story about the picture or just write about what you think while looking at it.