Iorillo, Mrs. R.

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Bienvenidos al sitio de la clase de Español !

            (Welcome to the Spanish class website)
 ¡Holá!. My name is Rose Iorillo and I teach Spanish for Grades 6,7 and 8. I graduated from LIU (C.W.Post) with a degree in Spanish and  minors in Italian and Education. I have been teaching in Long Hill for the last 10 years.The best way to contact me is by e-mail:

Classroom Materials: Student for grades 7 and 8 are required to have a 1" or 2" binder with paper and 2 dividers, pencils or pens.
Classroom  Rules: Students are required to come to class prepared to learn and to be courteous to each other and their teacher.
Classroom Information: 
Grade 6:
 The six graders are exposed to languages in a cycle. The cycle is divided into 3 weeks of Spanish and 3 weeks of French. During this time we cover: colors, numbers, greetings, days, months weather. We also cover food , animals, classroom objects, parts of the body, clothing and family members. Students will learn simple dialog that is related to the topic.
Grade 7:
In 7th grade students will have Spanish every day. They are introduced to the Spanish language and culture by reading, writing , listening and speaking in various activities. We cover the first 1/2 of the Spanish book. Students will also create a Spanish menu, and will have various short assignments dealing with Spanish culture and lifestyles.
Grade 8:
The 8th grade students will also have Spanish every day. We will review what we learned in 7th grade Spanish and will continue with the book. Students will work on reading writing, listening and speaking in various book activities. Students are also encouraged to speak Spanish in the classroom. Students will also be able to write short paragraphs about themselves and their families. They will work on various  projects and short assignments dealing with Spanish culture and lifestyles.