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2131.1C JD - Principal
2131JD - Chief School Administrator
2132 JD - Assistant Principal
2133 JD-Coordinator of Technology Services
4118 JD - Teacher
4118.3B JD - School Nurse
4118.3E JD - School Social Worker
4118.3F JD - Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
4118.3G JD Guidance Counselor - Central School
4118.3H JD Guidance Counselor - District
4118.3I JD Athletic Director
4118.3J JD - Secretary
4118.3M JD - Secretary to Superintendent
4118.4A JD - Band Director
4118.4B JD - Theater Arts Advisor
4118.4C JD - Newspaper Advisor
4118.4D JD - Student Council Advisor
4118.4F JD - Choral Director
4118.4G JD - Student Literay Magazine Advisor
4118.5A JD - Cheerleading Advisor
4118.5B JD Boys Soccer Coach
4118.5C JD Cross Country Coach
4118.5D JD Girls Soccer Coach
4118.5E JD Girls Softball Coach
4118.5F JD Boys Baseball Coach
4118.5G JD Girls Basketballl Coach
4118.5H JD Boys Basketballl Coach
4118.5I JD Fencing Coach
4121 - Substitute Teachers
4121R - Substitute Teachers
4126A JD - Milk Aide
4127A JD - Lunchroom Aide
9123 - School Business Administrator
Accounts Payable and Transportation Coordinator.Rev.1
Assistant BA
Assistant to the Business Administrator
Board Attorney
Coordinator of Instructional Technology
Coordinator of Special Services
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Technology Specialist
Paraprofessional Job Description
Payroll and Benefits Representative
School Physician-Medical Inspector11.9.20
School Psychologist
School Residency Officer
School-Based Physical Therapist11.9.20
Speech Therapist Job Description 11 25 19
Systems Technician & IT Coach
Technology Assistant

5000 Concepts and Roles in Student Personnel
5020 Role of Parents, Guardian
5111 Admission_Regulation
5111 Admission
5113 Attendance, Absences and Excuses_Regulation
5113 Attendance, Absences and Excuses
5114 Suspension and Expulsion
5114E_Exhibit 1_STS_NotificationLtr_DueProc_Exhibit
5114E_Exhibit 2_LTS_NotificationLtr_DueProc_Exhibit
5114R Suspension and Expulsion_Regulation
5117 School Attendance Areas
5118 Nonresidents
5118.2 Foster Care and Educational Stability_Regulation
5118.2 Foster Care and Educational Stability
5119 Transfers
5120 Assessment of Individual Needs
5124 Reporting to Parents, Guardians_Regulation
5124 Reporting to Parents, Guardians
5125 Student Records_Regulation
5125 Student Records
5126 Awards for Achievement
5127 Commencement Activities
5131 Conduct Discipline.Rev.4.30.18
5131.1 Harassment Intimidation and Bullying.4.30.18
5131.5 Vandalism, Violence
5131.6 Substance Abuse_(2)Forms
5131.6 Substance Abuse.Rev.4.30.18
5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
5132 Dress and Grooming
5134 Pregnant Pupils
5136 Fund-Raising Activities
5141 Health_AED_Regulation
5141 Health
5141.1 Accidents
5141.2 Illness
5141.20 Life-Threatening Food Allergies
5141.21 Administering Medication.Final
5141.22 Medical Marijuana Consent Exhibit District
5141.22 Medical Marijuana
5141.3 Health Examinations and Immunizations_Regulation
5141.3 Health Examinations and Immunizations
5141.3 Readmission Policy 12-14-20
5141.4 Missing Abused and Neglected Children
5141.4 Regulation Missing Abused.Neglected Children
5141.6 Suicide Prevention
5141.6 Suicide Prevention_Regulation
5141.8 Sports Related Concussion and Head Injury_Regulation
5141.8 Sports Related Concussion and Head Injury
5142 Student Safety_Regulation
5142 Student Safety
5142.1 Safety Patrols
5142.2 Physical Restraints_Regulation.10.15.18
5142.2 Physical Restraints
5143 Insurance
5145.11 Questioning and Apprehension
5145.12 Search and Seizure
5145.4 Equal Educational Opportunity
5145.5 Photographs of Pupils
5145.6 Pupil Grievance Procedure_Regulation
5145.6 Pupil Grievance Procedure
5145.7 Gender Identity and Expression
5200 Nonpublic School Pupils

6010 Goals and Objectives
6111 School Calendar
6112 School Day
6114 Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness
6115 Ceremonies and Observances
6121 Nondiscrimination, Affirmative Action
6122 Articulation
6140 Curriculum Adoption
6141 Curriculum Design, Development
6141.2 Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
6142 Subject Fields
6142.1 Family Life Education
6142.10 Internet Safety and Technology
6142.10 Internet Safety and Technology Exhibit
6142.12 Career and Technical Eduation
6142.13 HIV Prevention Education
6142.2 ESL, Bilingual
6142.4 Physical Education and Health
6142.4R Physical Education and Health_Dating Violence_Regulation
6142.6 Basic Skills
6142.9 Arts
6143 Curriculum Guides
6143.1 Lesson Plans
6144 Controversial Issues
6145 Extracurricular Activities
6145.1 Intramural, Interscholastic CompetitionRev.8.31.18
6145.3 Publications
6145.4 Public Performances by Students
6146 Program Completion Requirements
6146.1 Acceleration
6146.1 Acceleration_Regulation
6146.2 Promotion and Retention.docx
6147 Standards of Proficiency
6147.1 Evaluation of Individual Student Performance
6151 Class Size
6153 Field Trips
6153 Field Trips_Regulation
6154 Homework
6154 Homework_Regulation
6156 Instructional Planning, Scheduling
6160 Instructional Services and Resources
6161.1 Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials
6161.2 Complaints Regarding Instructional Materials
6162.4 Community Resources
6162.5 Research
6163.1 Media Center, Library
6163.3 Live Animals in the Classroom
6164.1 Intervention and Referral
6164.2 Guidance Services
6164.2 Guidance Services_Regulation
6164.4 Child Study Team
6171 Special Instructional Programs
6171.1 Remedial Instruction
6171.2 Gifted and Talented_Horizon Program
6171.3 At-Risk and Title 1
6171.31Title I Parental Involvement_MM
6171.4 Special Education_Procedural Safeguard Statement
6171.4 Special Education.Rev.8.31.18
6172 Alternative Education Programs
6173 Home Instruction
6173.1 Remote Education
6178 Early Childhood Education, Preschool
6300 Evaluation of the Instructional Program

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