Crisis Management

The district stands ready to support children in crisis with a full set of services to assist families in the educational realm.

Jocelyn Merritt is the district's School Psychologist. She has excellent experience and preparation in dealing with circumstances related to problems of children and adolescents. Ms. Merritt can be reached at 647-1200 x 2035. Lisa Sanfilippo serves as the District Counselor.

Chrystyna Lazirko is the Central School Counselor. She can be reached at 647-2311, ext. 4005. She also possesses specific training in many of the above mentioned areas. She also serves as our counselor for substance abuse.

Each school has a Intervention and Referral Services Team comprised of teachers and special services personnel. The team meets as needed to discuss and develop strategies to provide various interventions and plans of action to address student needs prior to a referral to the Child Study Team.

The district has a strong and active committee to crisis management and emergency planning. Hundreds of hours of preparation time have been spent in preparing for emergency circumstances and the prevention of the same. Regional resources for families in need have been prepared for response if necessary. Regular meetings are held between school personnel and the Long Hill Township personnel responsible for Emergency Management, Fire Prevention, Emergency Response, and Law Enforcement.