Aviva Gans PT MS

 Ms. Aviva Gans, PT MS
      Physical Therapist      

2018 - 2019

Brief bio: Teaching movement is my passion and vocation. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, I was a dancer and dance teacher. I have been working in the schools for 27  years and have been a staff member in Long Hill School District for 18 of those years. My experience also includes 5 years teaching kinesiology to physical therapy students in the Physical Therapy Program at UMDNJ (now called Rutgers) Newark, NJ. In addition, I have worked with adults in acute and outpatient settings.

To reach me: Please contact me at the main phone number for Gillette School (908) 647-2313 ext. 1001. You can also leave a message with Mrs. D. Wells administrative assistant of the Special Services Office. The telephone number is (908) 647-1202.

You can e-mail me at: agans(@) longhill.org . Email will be picked up at least once on all week days and, usually, on the weekend. The SKIP and KIT notebooks are another way to reach me. 

Physical therapy for each child is very individualized. I appreciate close communication with parents so that you know what we are working on and, in some cases, so that you can carry over activities at home. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me with your questions and concerns. Your observations of your child are very valuable in structuring your child's therapy. It is also very important that you contact me if your child is injured, ill, has a change in medication, or has had a medical procedure. 

Expectations: Your child's physical therapy schedule will be sent home as soon as it is set with the teacher. Students involved with physical therapy should wear sneakers on their scheduled physical therapy days. Girls should wear pants or loose skirts with shorts underneath. It is helpful if the student is well rested. 

Criteria for eligibility and documentation required: Students must be classified to be eligible for physical therapy. A child must first be assessed by the child study team and a physical therapist. Services are recommended when a child's motor abilities require support for participation in the school environment.

To start physical therapy in Long Hill School District, a child must a have physician's referral. Thereafter, unless there is a change in medical status, a referral is not again required. Should a child have an extended illness, be hospitalized, incur an injury, have a medical procedure, or have some other change in medical status, an updated referral to resume physical therapy is required. 

Parents and guardians will also be required to send a sign consent allowing the physical therapist to communicate electronically regarding a student with other school staff. If a parent would like the therapist to communicate with providers outside of Long Hill School District another form will have to be completed.

What can you do to support your child's PT?

1. Be sure your child has loose clothes and sneakers the day of PT. 

2. Be sure your child is well rested the day of PT and generally.

3. Inform the therapist of any changes in your child's motor or medical status.  (positive as well as negative changes are welcomed information)

4. If appropriate, ask your child to show you something they learned in PT.

5. Where appropriate and necessary, your therapist may give you individualized activities to practice with your child. 

6. Play with and enjoy your child. Have fun!

Websites you may find helpful:

1.This is the American Physical Therapy webpage for consumers: 


If you click on "Symptoms and Conditions" you may find a discussion about your child's condition and the role of PT in assisting your child. Please remember that this applies to all PT for the condition and not just school based PT which may be a little different.

You can also click on "Activities to Promote Development." There are few activities listed there. You may want to check with your PT whether these are appropriate for your child.

2. Special Olympics:


Children with learning disabilities and delays may enjoy participating in this.

3. Paralympics:


Some children with motor disabilities may be eligible for this. It is held at Children's Specialized Hospital.

4. The Pediatric Section of the American Physical Therapy Association also has a series of fact sheets that might be helpful: