Weekly Objectives

Here are the objectives we will be covering this week: Week of: November 19th, 2018

 1. English/Language Arts: We will continue our nonfiction unit. We will identify text features in nonfiction texts and discuss how they can help us find additional information. We will also discuss various nonfiction text structures.

2. Math: We will continue Topic 6, which focuses on multiplying by 1-digit numbers. There will be a Topic 6 test on Tuesday, November 20th.

3. Writing: We will continue our nonfiction writing unit. We will draft and publish all parts of our nonfiction writing, including main text and text features. Students are completing these writing pieces using Google Slides, and will present their writing to the class. 4. Science: We will begin Chapter 1, which focuses on life processes. There will be a Chapter 1 Test on Friday, December 7th.

5. Social Studies: