Hartman, Mrs. B.

Love the Library

Welcome to the library homepage. My name is Mrs. Hartman and I am the school library media specialist at Gillette and Millington Schools.

Each grade will have a minimum of 40 minutes of library per week. I encourage students to try and borrow a book each week as this ensures they are reading for pleasure and developing the ability to choose a book that is just right for them. Borrowing privileges are as follows:

Kindergarten and 1st Grade - may currently borrow 1 book a week

2nd - may currently borrow 2 books a week

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade - may currently borrow 3 books a week.

**If a student has a special project they may borrow as many resources as fits their needs.**

Throughout the year we will be learning about various research methods and sources as well as participating in a culminating research project.‚Äč We will also explore fiction through picture books, short stories, and novels, looking at specific genres, story structure, and character development.

I am really excited to explore the worlds of information and reading with you!