Millington School Library Links

Sites for Research and Information


This search engine is powered by Google, but makes sure all of the results are safe for kids to use!

Another great search engine/web guide,supported by librarians and safe for kids. Offers a great way to search for professional images, videos, and sound bytes.

Kids Wordsmyth A  dictionary for kids.


A basic site to find synonyms and antonyms for commonly used words by kids

DK Findout
a great resource for information on plants, animals,science and technology. Especially useful are the interactive diagrams

This is a game where you act like the librarian. Put the fiction books in ABC order and the nonfiction books in number order. See how well you can shelve books!

The Dewey Decimal System Rap Song

Learn the Dewey Decimal Categories while singing along with this hilarious rapper.


Sites for Reading and Writing

Storyline Online

This free website offers beloved pictures books, animated, and read aloud by famous actresses and actors.

Character Scrapbook

Have a favorite book character? Want to create a story character of your own? Use this visualization tool to create a picture of your character and then list their traits, actions, or whatever else you might know!

Word Art
Generate a word cloud that depicts interests based on input or copied and pasted text. 

Destiny Discover App - You can use this link to download the Destiny Discover App which allows you to view digital content from the Millington Library on your personal ereading device. Be sure to ask a grownup before you download any app to your devices.

Found Poetry Writing Tool - April is National Poetry Month. Create found magnet poetry by rearranging these famous great writings