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Mrs. Jeni Clark 

Room 10

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Dear Family,

   Welcome to Kindergarten!  It is always so exciting to begin a new school year.  Kindergarten is a wonderful experience for children, parents and their teacher.  It is amazing to see how much your child will grow and learn within the next ten months.  

  Here are a few things I wanted you to know prior to Open House!


  • Your child will need a backpack that is easy for him or her to carry. Please have their name written on it 
  • Have your child practice putting his/her things inside and zipping it up! This is a great way to practice independence and prepares them for unpacking in the morning and packing up at dismissal time.

Extra Clothing

  • Please send in an extra pair of clothing with your child at your earliest convenience.  Even if your child does not have bathroom accidents, it is very helpful to have the change for other “accidents” that may occur.  (spilled snacks, falls on the playground, art spills etc.)  No one wants to come back to class wearing clothes that don’t fit them properly.
  • Please send pants, shirt, underwear and socks in a labeled Ziploc bag.
  • I will send them home as the weather changes for you to check them for size and appropriate seasonal changes.  

Home School Folder—your child will choose one of the folders on 1st day

  • Please send this folder back each day.  This folder will contain important notes, messages not only on the first day, but throughout the school year. It will also have your child’s school work inside.  The other two folders are kept at school. 
  • Please check and empty it every night with your child.  This helps to foster responsibility, ownership and a good conversation piece.

Lunch/Outdoor Recess

  • Lunch and outdoor recess will take place from 11:30-12:30. Teachers will be there to assist the children every day during recess and in the cafeteria. We will go to lunch first and then recess.
  • Please make sure to dress your child appropriately for the weather, we like to go outside as often as we can!


  • Please send your child to school each day with a separate snack bag or container.  Our lunches leave the room at the beginning of the day and go to the cafeteria.  
  • In the afternoon, we will have time allotted for snack. Please be sure to send in something small and nutritious that will satisfy the rumbling tummy of your Kindergartener. I encourage healthy snacks as they will give us the energy that we need to finish the day rather than the up and down energy levels from sugary snacks. Some suggestions may include fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, pretzels, raisins, or yogurt. 
  • Again, it is important that your child come to school daily with a small snack in addition to their daily lunch routines.  Please make sure your child can open the snack containers on their own.  I encourage independence from the first day.  
  • Due to allergies we are not allowed to share snacks.

Related Arts Schedule

Monday: Library

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: PE (wear sneakers)

Thursday: Music and PE (wear sneakers)

Friday: PE (wear sneakers)

Birthday Celebrations

  • When it is your child’s birthday you may send in a special treat. Any type of finger food works best (brownies, Munchkins, cookies, cupcakes, etc.) Also, please send in napkins.
  • If your child has food allergies you can send in a treat that can be kept in our classroom for such occasions so that they can participate in the celebration.
  • On the day of your child’s birthday celebration you are welcome to come in to read, share a treat,  or do a craft.  We allow 10-20 minutes for your visit.   Please send me an email ahead of time so that we can arrange a time.
  • If your child has a summer birthday you can come in to celebrate their half birthday or we can pick a day in September or June to celebrate. 

Morning Arrival

  • For the first few days of school, Kindergarten students will meet in the cafeteria. Teachers and support staff are assigned Kindergarten Duty to assist the students to and from the cafeteria. I will be there waiting for them.
  • Please do not take them to the cafeteria yourself. We want to establish a sense of independence as soon as possible. Trust me it makes it much harder to leave your child once you are in the building. 
  • Remember to be encouraging and positive to set the tone for your child! They will follow your lead. In other words, let your tears  (of joy or sadness…) fall after they leave you.  I know how hard this can be.  If you need reassurance that your child is ok, please send me an email.  I am a parent too and understand!  Let them know how proud you are of them and that they are ready for Kindergarten!

Email and Newsletters 

  • My newsletters will be emailed to you every week.  Please use it as a discussion piece with your Kindergartener.  It will also include a calendar for upcoming events.  
  • If you do not receive my newsletter or wish to add more email addresses to the list, please send me an email and we can add you right away.  Feel free to add all parents or caregivers to the email chain.
  • I also send out many reminder emails during the week.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached through our school voicemail #1007, email jclark @ , or you can send a note into school in your child's folder. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  I look forward to meeting you at Open House on Tuesday, September 4th 2:30-3:00.

All the best,
Mrs. Jeni Clark



2018-2019 Supply List

3 (24) packs of Crayola crayons

1 (8-12) pack of Crayola thick washable markers

24 Elmer’s glue sticks

1 (12) pack of #2 Ticonderoga sharpened pencils

4 thin black Expo dry erase markers

3 pocket folders—plastic preferred

1 5”x8” plastic pencil box


**If your last name begins with A-L- please send in gallon or sandwich size Ziploc bags. 

**If your last name begins with M-Z please send in Lysol wipes with a neutral scent.


Please bring supplies to OPEN HOUSE with you!