Tedesco, Mrs. C.

Catherine Tedesco, MA, LDT-C

BA Degree, Rutgers College

MA Degree, Kean University
Professional Certificates:
                                                        Teacher of Students with Disabilities
                                                         Elementary Education
                                                       English as a Second Language
                                        Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant
To Contact Me:  (phone)  908-647-1202 Ext. 7

As a Learning Disabilities Teacher -Consultant here at Long Hill, my responsibilities include:

-Evaluation of students on academic achievement to determine, along with parents, teachers, and Child Study Team members, the need and scope of special education and related services 
-Working with school personnel, parents, and other applicable consultants to determine a student's educational program
-Case management of students receiving special education and related services
     My career began as a special education teacher.  Throughout my experiences, I have instructed students in grades Kindergarten through the eighth grade.  My interests in special education continued to grow leading me to achieve the certificate of learning disabilities teacher-consultant.  Long Hill is a wonderful community and it is a pleasure and a privilege to assist the students of this township.