What's New in Room 16?



Talia - November 29th
Joey - November 29th

Important Days:

November 5th, 6th, 7th - half days
November 8th - school closed

November 9th - school closed
November 21st - half day
November 22nd - school closed
November 23rd - school closed

Language Arts:
We are meeting more of our Superkid friends, learning the 5 star writing rules and practicing our word wall words.

Word Wall Words:

a, go, I, can, red, see, me, yellow, blue, look, my, we, the , to, in, it, is, one, big, run, not, play, up, two, you

We will be working on how to properly write teen numbers and how to use what we know about the counting sequence to identify and write the missing numbers on a number line.

Social Sciences:
We will be working on a Veterans' booklet as well as discussing gratitude and what it means to us.

I am thankful for all of my students who make me smile everyday! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!