Homework 2017-18

    Create original sentences using all the words from List A.  (Due Tue., 9/12).

  • Create original sentences using all the words from List B.  (Due Wed., 9/13).

  • I am only checking list A tomorrow, however, you may wish to go ahead and complete both assignments.

**Study for your vocabulary quiz on Friday, 9/15.  Quiz will include all words!

Thursday, 9/14
Use the plot chart from class and label all the elements of plot by using a book, movie, tv show, or experience.  Today in class we practiced this activity using the story, "Stray" and the movie, "Home Alone." 

Study for your VOCABULARY QUIZ TOMORROW, 9/15!
Tuesday, 9/19 read the newsela article and answer all the questions on the back.  Please include a detailed connection that you can make to the story "Stray" by using textual evidence.   Due: Wed, 9/20

Study for the plot elements quiz.  Words include: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. 
Monday, 9/25- Design your ROPE poster (due 9/26). R-restate, O- stay on topic or use Own words, P- Proof from the text, E- elaborate or explain.

Monday, 10/2- Create original sentences for words on List A.  (You may go ahead and create original sentences for List B words, as well).

There is a vocabulary quiz on list A and B words on Friday, 10/6.  Start studying!

Wednesday, 10/11- Complete the character traits playlist recomendation, which is posted on Google Classroom.  

Thursday, 10/12- Complete the blue point of view packet.  If you complete the entire packet by tomorrow, you will receive extra credit.  Otherwise it is due on Monday.  If you do not underline or circle the clue words that helped you to determine the point of view, you will loose points on the assignment.

Monday, 10/16- "Drive-In Movies" story test tomorrow.  There will also be a few point of view questions on the test.
-- Create 5-10 questions based on "The Drive-In Movies" that you think would be good potential test questions.  Please provide the answers.  For example, "What made Gary's foot pulsate?"  (Getting stung by a bee).

Thursday, 10/19- Complete the pink T- chart explaining past dentistry on one side vs. modern dentistry on the other side.