Salzer, Mr. D.


Course Objectives:

Students will:
  • Master a broad body of historical knowledge
  • Demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology
  • Use historical data to support an argument or position
  • Interpret and apply data from original documents 


Students are required to have: 
  • a social studies notebook
    • notes should be kept separate from other subjects as they may be collected for a grade
    • three ring binders are preferable since handouts will be hole punched for safe keeping
  • America: History of Our Nation 
    • each student will be provided with a copy of the text for home use
    • classroom texts will be made available during guide
  • a set of colored pencils (suggested)
    • a 12 color set is ideal 
    • an 8 color classroom pack is provided 
Student texts include:

 Textbook Publisher  Title   Cover
 Student  Prentice Hall  
  America: History of Our Nation
 Classroom  Holt Rinehart & Winston  Call to Freedom  call_freedom