5th Grade Band

Welcome 5th grade band parents:

This is an exciting experience for the 5th graders and I love helping the students to get started on a new instrument.

Please contact me anytime if you feel there is a concern.  The children are learning how to follow a rotating schedule, practice at home and bring their instrument to school for a lesson and then home again.  I will gently guide them through these procedures.

At home they should be practicing to put their instrument together, place their hands and mouth correctly and create a quality tone. They must tap their foot, read music and progress through the weekly assignments.

It is imperative that they attend the weekly lesson prepared with instrument and folder. The monthly calendar is a place for their grades, comments from the teacher or parent, practice record and important news and events.

I can be reached by email at eshanagher   @  longhill.org  or by cell 908.432.5990. I will be able to return your call when I am free to do so.

I'm looking forward to working with your new musician. 
Eileen Shanagher