8th Grade General Music

Welcome to the General Music Class:

Supplies: 1 folder with full name in large print and paper for taking notes.

Ms. Varner will be teaching the students on the Keyboard Lab each Friday.  It is important to know that they are not being taught how to play the piano; however we are using the hands on keyboard as a tool to teach music history, music theory and a variety of musical concepts.

I will be teaching the 8th grade class a unit on Jazz. They will continue their studies about musical prodigies and will use a formula to write an original story line.  We will study the musical West Side Story and relate that to other literature. The Opera unit will introduce them to 6 famous operas including the music and story lines. They will learn some new music vocabulary and if time we will enjoy a class talent show.  This activity helps with oral presentation skills and audience critique and conduct.

I look forward to working with your child this year. I expect that we will enjoy learning new musical skills and concepts.

Eileen Shanagher