Therapeutic iPad Apps
Dexteria- This is a bundle of apps or they can be purchased individually.  There are a range of apps appropriate for preschool children up to children who are school aged.  These apps can address fine motor skills, finger dexterity, visual motor control, handwriting and visual perception.  

​Handwriting without Tears: Wet - Dry - Try for Capital letters, numbers and lowercase letters- This is an excellent app to teach students correct letter formation.  The verbal prompting utilized is consistent with the prompting I utilize with the students during my OT sessions. 

Ready to Print- This app provides a variety of activities for students including but not limited to basic clicking and dragging, tracing and drawing of shapes.  

Zones of Regulation- This app supports the Zones of Regulation program that I utilized with many of the students who present with difficult managing their regulatory state at school. 

Check back often, as I will continue to update this page as I learn about new apps that are therapeutic in nature!