Que paso en Espanol

2nd grade has been working on many fun and educational lessons. We have been learning about the classroom objects, the months, likes and dislikes and vegetable/fruits. I have implemented different and various learning styles by using songs, videos, simple worksheets and playing teacher made board games.  One of my most favorite lessons will be taught in the next few weeks. I will be utilizing “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,’ book to help reinforce various lessons in a fun and interactive way.

3rd grade has been building upon lessons that were taught in 2nd grade. We have been expanding on those lessons and incorporating some fun techniques such as using bar graphs to show likes and dislikes for the whole class (that gets the students very excited). Students are now able to ask each other questions and respond according to whatever lesson we have been working on.

4th grade has been working very hard and learning new lessons with the weather and seasons while associating clothing articles to those lessons, describing what clothing items are appropriate for summer, winter etc… and also talking about the different weather formats in Central and South America. The students played on teacher-made board games that allowed the students to use the new vocabulary and reinforce old vocabulary as well.

5th grade has been working very hard adding new vocabulary words, using questions and responses to lessons with the weather and seasons, and tying in clothing articles to those lessons. What clothing items are appropriate for each season and how to make a negative statement true. The students really enjoyed that new technique and have been applying it as much as possible. I also used some clothing advertisements to have students tell me what is on sale in certain department stores and how much items cost. That was a favorite subject with some of the 5th grade fashionistas. Individual teacher-made flashcards and worksheets were used to make simple and quick assessments in Spanish.