Read to your child EVERY night!!!!

Show and Tell - Every Wednesday
‚ÄčPlease help your child prepare for show and tell each Wednesday.  Please refer to the monthly newsletter and calendar, as it will inform you of the type of object that your child should bring to school.  It is important for your child to pick out the item with your guidance.  Help build responsibility, by having your child pick out the item the night before and place it in his/her backpack to bring to school.

Homework - Thursdays (beginning in October)
Beginning in October, your child will receive a small homework assignment on Thursdays, to be returned on Fridays. This homework assignment is given to help your child build responsibility.  Please take the time to sit with your child and complete the activity together.  Your child will be excited to show you what he/she is working on.  Please trace and write the letters using a pencil and color the picture using a crayon.  Also, please sign the bottom of the worksheet after reviewing it with your child.  Thank you!