Welcome Letter

My name is Miss Jacqueline Fernandes and I will be your child’s teacher for the 2018-2019 school year in the SKIP program at Gillette School.  I am eagerly looking forward to working with and learning with your child and I hope that you are too!  Throughout the school year we will be doing many hands-on learning activities, while using a multi-sensory approach to learning. 

I would appreciate it if you would send the following items to school with your child: a complete change of clothes (pants, shirt, socks, underwear) in a clearly labeled Ziploc bag for us to keep in the classroom, and a picture of your child for our bulletin board.  Also, it is important that your child brings a backpack to school each day, as well as a snack and drink for him/her to have at snack time.  Your child will be given a folder that is to be brought to school each day in order for notices and other papers to be sent home.  You may also use this folder to send in anything that is necessary.  Also, please inform me as soon as possible as to whether your child has any dietary restrictions or food allergies such as peanut butter, milk, fruit, etc.  This is extremely important, as we will be doing some cooking activities in the classroom.  Thank you for your cooperation!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer and I look forward to seeing you in school.  If you have any questions or information that you may want shared with me, please feel free to call me at school at (908) 647-2313, extension 1014 or email me at Jfernandes@longhill.org