Tremarco, Ms.J.

Ms. Jennifer Tremarco, Grade 2, Millington

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Brief Bio:

My name is Jennifer Tremarco and I have taught fourth grade at Millington School for twelve years. This is my third year teaching second grade and I couldn’t be more excited! I received both my undergraduate and masters degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. I feel honored to be part of the Long Hill Township School District.

To reach me:

You may email me at jtremarco"@" or call me at 647-2312 (ext. 2027). I check my messages daily, and will get back to you as soon as possible.


I want to make your child's educational experience a positive one. Homework, projects, reading, writing and increased responsibilities for all behaviors will be a large part of their second grade year. My hope is to see you get involved, and enjoy watching your child grow emotionally, socially and academically.

2018-2019 Class Quote:
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***We are a NUT FREE homeroom***
  • Please make sure all birthday items have labels sent in with treat items.
  • Make sure birthday treats are labeled 2T! 
  • Please send in napkins and utensils.  


Daily Homework: Please remember that this website is not to be viewed as a replacement of their homework assignment book. The students still must take responsibility for writing down the daily assignments in their assignment books. Please ask to view your child's assignment pad each night.  Memory words are tested each week and only a few of the pattern words. 


Weekly Spelling Homework:

Day 1: There are three options to choose from. Only pick one:

             1. Write each spelling MEMORY word 2x's each (skip lines on
                 lined paper).
            2. Act like a teacher and quiz a family member using your spelling
                words, but don't forget to correct their 
quiz in pen!
            3. Have a family member quiz you on all of your spelling words
                (skip lines on lined paper).


Day 2: ABC order can be written or typed (MEMORY words only).  If written, it must be numbered, on lined paper, and please skip lines! 

Day 3: 8 well written or typed sentences to help define your spelling words.  Underline your spelling words and be sure to use 4 pattern words and 4 memory words! Homework must be on lined paper if written. 

Day 4: Study 

Day 5:

o All spelling homework must be completed on lined paper and numbered using pencil!  Homework may vary during short weeks.



D.I.R.T is mandatory for all students! This is a way for students to earn homework passes. Our goal is for 50 minutes a week. Just keep track of any extra reading your child is participating in. It could be a book, internet reading, or news articles. Happy Reading!

*D.I.R.T. is to be handed in with a parent signature every Tuesday!

 There may be short weeks that D.I.R.T. will not collected! Please check assignment pads! 

Important Dates:

November: Nov. 5-7: Half Days, Conferences Nov. 7: Veteran's Day Assembly Nov. 8-9: School Closed, NJEA Convention Nov. 15: End of Marking Period 1 Nov. 16: School SPIRIT Day: Wear White Nov. 21: Half Day Nov. 22-23: School Closed, Thanksgiving Recess December: Dec. 14: Traditions Project Due Dec. 24-Jan. 1: School Closed: Winter Break January: Jan. 1: School Closed: Winter Recess Jan. 21: School Closed: MLK Jr. Day Jan. 31: End of Marking Period 2 February: Feb. 15: Half Day for Students Feb. 18: School Closed March: Mar. 4-6: Half Days April: Apr. 3: End of Marking Period 3 Apr. 15-19: School Closed Spring Recess May: May 24-27: School Closed: Memorial Weekend May 31: Half Day for Students June: June 21: Half Day June 24:Half Day: Last Day for Students

   * The above dates may change. Please check assignment pads.


2T News Flash:

2T would greatly appreciate any of the following donations:
*Scotch Tape   *Tissues  

All tests and quizzes are to be signed and returned when stamped. 


Weekly Specials:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Phys. Edu

Thursday: Spanish & STEAM

Friday: Rotation & Music


Classroom Rules for Room 26:

  1. Respect others and yourself.

  2. Raise your hand to speak or leave your desk.

  3. Be responsible for your work and your actions.

  4. Clean up after yourself.

  5. Keep your body on your body.

  6. Never quit, always try your best.

  7. Have fun in second grade!


Since reading is an essential part of second grade please feel free to to purchase books online form

2T's Class Code is: 


 Helpful Websites: