Math Tips

Be Positive about Math!

Make Math part of your child's day!  

  Incluide your child in everyday activities that involve math such as making purchases, measuring ingredients, and counting plates and utensils for dinner.

  Play "I Spy" looking for different shapes.  This can be done at home...or even in the car while driving!

  Play games and do puzzles with your child that include Math.  Focus on logic and reasoning, sorting and reasoning.

  Go on a "Shape Hunt".  Have your child look for as many circles, squares, triangles and rectangles as he or she can find.  This can be done just about anywhere...inside, outside, driving in the car, or anywhere you need to keep your child busy!!

  Make up games using dice or playing cards.  Roll the dice and add or subtract the numbers that come up.  Play "Addition or Subtraction War" using playing cards.

  Many games use Math skills.  Dominoes, Tangrams and Mancala.  Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four build recognition of rows and help reasoning.  Chutes and Ladders and Candyland use counting.

  Lastly...HAVE FUN!!