Horincewich, Mrs. K.


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Mrs. Horincewich, Grade 3

*Please note the following:
*If you are sending an email regarding your child's dismissal, please include Mrs. Pepe and Mrs. Ralston on the email.  Thank you!                         

*If you have any extra board games, card games, Jenga, etc., our class would love to have them. We have a lot of rainy days here, and it's always fun to have new games to play. Thank you so much!

*Good to know information:

*Scholastic book orders: www.scholastic.com/bookclubs Class code: GWY2Q.  (If you are not ordering online and would like to purchase books from Scholastic, please send in a check.  Cash will not be accepted.)

*3H is PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE!! Please do not send any snacks or birthday treats with peanut products in them! Peanut products are allowed only in the lunchroom.

*Lunch is 12:10-12:40 and recess is 12:45-1:15 every day.

Weekly Specials:

Monday - Spanish & PE

Tuesday - Art & STEAM

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Library

Friday - Music

To reach me: The best way to reach me is via email.  My school email address is khorincewich @ longhill.org.  I can also be reached by phone at 647-2312 ext. 2024, or by sending a note in with your child.
Expectations: I expect all students to work hard, listen carefully, and do their best!
Daily Homework: We will have math and spelling/vocabulary homework every night. We will alternate spelling and vocabulary every other week. Also, each child should read for at least 20 minutes every night!  Reading Logs will begin in October.

Vocabulary Four Square worksheets will be sent home on vocabulary weeks.  The children are to write the definition, use it in a sentence, write a synonym, and draw a picture to illustrate the word.

Spelling homework schedule is as follows: 

(Spelling could change if there is a short week. Please check your child's homework journal on short weeks!)

Monday - 3X each (Please fold the paper into thirds.)

Tuesday - ABC order (Please have a "Practice" and "Final" column).

Wednesday- Choose 10 words to write sentences, or use 10 words in a story.  (Please underline the words!)

Thursday - study for spelling test.

Friday - no homework.