-Weekly Update


For the week of September 24th:

Math- Topic 1 Numeration 
*A Topic 1 Review will be sent home on Tuesday, September 25th, with a test scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th.

*Vocabulary (List 2)

bundle- a number of things that have been tied or packed together

chortled- to give expression with, a snorting chuckle

any group of cattle or wild animals that eat and travel together

puffed- a short, strong burst of breath, air, smoke, or steam

pursue- to follow in order to reach or catch something or someone

to move quickly or in a hurried way

waddled- to walk using short steps while rocking from side to side


*Continue to practice writing responses to what they are reading in their reading journal.  They will make connections to the text.
Skills: fact and opinion, cause and effect, making generalizations, 
character, setting, plot, graphic sources, drawing conclusions, 
main idea and details, literary elements, sequence, compare and 
contrast, author's purpose, and summarize.

Social Studies- Oceans and Continents.  A study guide will be completed in class on Wednesday, September 26th, with a test scheduled for Wednesday, October 3rd.

Science- Chapter 8 Patterns in Earth's Atmosphere