Accelerated Pre-Algebra

Welcome to Pre-Algebra!

Teacher: Mrs. Larissa Greco

Room: 13


Phone: 908-647-2311  ext: 4025

Welcome to a new school year! In order for you to be a successful math student, it will be necessary for you to abide by the following guidelines. I look forward to a fun, successful school year!

Classroom Expectations:


.. are prepared for class.

.. are respectful.

.. are on time.

.. complete work in pencil.

.. are responsible for own actions.

Materials: 1. 3-ring binder with 3 dividers:

-Vocabulary: As we cover vocabulary in class you will keep a running list here for reference

-Notes/Homework/Classwork: Notes can be written on loose-leaf paper or given guided notes. Homework and classwork will follow each set of notes.

-Tests/Quizzes: All graded assessments should be kept in this section of your binder.

2. Pencils, Pens, and Erasers

3. Agenda

4. Scientific Calculators (optional)


Homework will be assigned most days and will be checked the following day. Students will be expected to prepare homework neatly so that it is legible. ALL WORK must be shown! Assignments will be posted on the board everyday so that students can record their assignments in their agendas.

-Each homework assignment is worth 3 points.

-You will receive 2 points for homework that is handed in completed but late.

-Homework must be done in pencil!


Based on points earned out of total points possible. Genesis will be updated regularly and should be used as a tool to keep track of your progress!

-Hw: 3 points each

-Classwork: Ranges depending on assignment

-Quiz: 50 points

-Test: 100 points


Phones are rarely used during math class. If you need them, I will let you know.

Illness/School Absence:

In the event of an absence, you will have time to make-up missed work based on the days missed from school.  Please see the absence folder at the beginning of class the day you return to receive missed work/assignments. If you miss class due to band/chorus/etc, you are responsible for all work completed that day and it is due the following school day.


Bathroom Usage:

You may use the bathroom when you need to during class.  You must sign out and in with your FULL NAME, DESTINATION, and TIME.

Extra Help:

Extra help is offered daily in the morning or during guide in room 13. Please make sure to check with me first before coming before school since you will need a pass. Extra help is also offered after school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.