Aimette, Ms. M.

Hello, my name is Ms.Aimette and I teach sixth grade Language Arts. I can be reached at
My introduction in Google Slides from Back to School Night:

We use: Holt's Elements of Language, Sadlier Oxford's new version of the Vocabulary Level A book, and teacher-generated handouts so as to reinforce grammar concepts. Ms. Aimette's LA class
We have enough Holt books so that each child may keep one at home and not return the book to school until the culmination of the school year. 
Homework policies are distributed in the Fall and are kept in students' binders in the front for easy access. 
I am available Monday through Friday at 8AM.  I am also available after school by appointment.
Finally, please have toner in your printers or, if you have no printer, go to the library to print out your document.  I cannot take care of dozens of students needing printing assistance.  PLEASE DO NOT COME TO CLASS NEEDING TO PRINT SOMETHING OUT AS YOU WILL MISS VITAL INFORMATION ON HOW TO DO THAT NIGHT'S HW AND IT INTERRUPTS THE FLOW OF THE CLASS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT TO USE MY COMPUTER. On a very rare occasion, I am happy to help with a parent's note or email. 
Supplies needed:
assignment pad (provided by school)
three ring binder for my subject only
paper that's lined and three hole punched
seven tabs and labels
pencil case
mini stapler if possible
portable three hole puncher if possible
hand held pencil sharpener
pens (blue, black, red)
colored pencils
two to three gel pens in fun colors you like
pencils with erasers
about five rubber bands
index cards, about four packs
You will need seven tabs or dividers that are labelled and easily readable by you. Decide if you want the tab before or after each section and follow that format throughout your binder.
Please label them:
  1. writing
  2. grammar
  3. vocabulary
  4. spelling
  5. miscellaneous
  6. notes
  7. poetry
reading (this is apart from reading class)
As for writing, we will produce approximately 10+ stories and essays with several edits in between. 
Please type your essays unless in the beginning of the year, I ask for cursive work.  The typed essays should be in New Times Roman, size 12 font, double spaced.  If you are asked to handwrite any piece of writing, please write in cursive. 
We speak in fragments and this is understandable.  Think about why this may be the case.  Why should we make it essential to write in full sentences, unlike what we sometimes do in speech? Think about this need to express ourselves fully with both a subject and a predicate with each written thought.