September 6

1.  Please sign the contract with your parents.
2.  Cover your vocabulary book and insert cardboard as shown in class.  Brown paper bag words great. n Bring vocab book tomorrow to class to show me.
3.  Get all your supplies. 

Sept 8 Friday

Do your Blue Out Bullying. Once I know how to upload assignments, I will gladly do so.  

Sept 11 Monday
Edit "Summer Rocks"- soon I will be able to upload, but for now, use your yellow sheet and correct this terrible writing which appears below!

1Summer rocks. It just does.  I do so many fun things that I can’t do 2over the year.  Like waterski . If I were at school during summer time I 3would just plain be made.  Because I feel like, we deserve this time off.  4Do you think that life would be worth living without summer???? Um, 5no!  My grandparents visit to.  They re name are Dorothy and Lewis.  6They live in Canada and speak in a different language.  Did you know 7Canadians sometimes don’t speak English?  I don’t write French but I 8can manage to understand some words.  Summer is the time I see them.  9We did lots of things like eat at Cheesecake Factory, we swim at the 10club, and play bored game.  And thats just the beginning of our 11adventures.  Our adventures are the best!!!!!  Summer is the best!  12Cant you see that now that its over so is any fun. 

9-12 Tuesday
Practice the alphabet both caps and lower case three times each unless you can do the first set in 4 mins. or less. If you can, then instead of doing it three times, do it the one time, and then write a paragraph from a novel at least five lines long in cursive. It must  not be a book you did for your summer packet.

Pd 7 Horizon Google Sonnet 18 and write in cursive.
This link can help you w/ cursive:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/388928117800703291/

9-13 Wednesday

Read the two pages I told you to read. 

9-14 Thursday

Do the paragraph on kindness.   
1st draft typed or print.  Print if on computer (or don't type if no printer).
Take correcting pen and edit.
Use checklist to edit again (looking for indenting, semicolon addition, synonyms for "kind," etc.)
Show me marked up copy so don't edit on the computer.
If you write the alphabet slower, say over four minutes for cap and lower case, take only three sentences and write in cursive.  Otherwise, do your second draft in full in cursive. 

9-15 Friday

Take handout I gave in class which is your guide. It lists words and the meanings that you may not understand. Read it before doing the reading tonight.  It's here:  Vocab words from handwriting article.docx

Read packet on cursive.  We numbered the sides in class. There are eight sides. Read the first two sides as well as side 7 starting way down at the part that begins "Olsen worries..." until the end of the packet.
Rewrite or type you paragraph. The checklist is here:  kindness to file Peer or Self Edit.docx

September 18, Monday
Hand in kindness paragraph if not turned in.
Do two venn diagrams, one is on "cursive and print" and the other is on your choice.
Also do an emoji of your signature!

FYI- two assessments will be next week- Next Tuesday, 26th, you'll have a test on spelling (list here)   and proofreading marks (yellow document with "add a period," etc.) 

We'll also start an essay.  The first draft is not graded but the second one will count as a test.  Because of the fact that I write lessons/handouts from scratch and grade a lot of essays, I cannot post hw online daily. I will email home if there's a hw issue after a few infractions. You can look at your this website to cross check your child's hw. 

Spelling Lesson One Quiz Review

Test is on the 26th- combined with proofreading marks sheet.



Al got a low score in physical ed.



A (monkey) is loud.






Lar (as in Larry)










Ate (as in past tense of “to eat”)



It has three “e’s” in it

It has only one “s” in it



Ph= “f” sound



Wanda has ice cream handy.

(Look at the first letter of each word in the above sentence.  It spells out “which.”  This is not the Halloween “witch,” however.)





A (long “a”)

Ne (long “e”)

Ous (as in house spelling, though not pronounced in this way)







(This means to move around a lot.  A person who travels often is transient.   Remember “trans” is a Latin root. Think of a train that moves.  That’s how we got the word.)


11-Analyze- to study



12-Chronicles- stories written over time


13-Deprives- go without


14-Vulnerable- made weak


15-Forgery-false signature of approval


16-Lamenting- to be in the process of mourning, saddened


17-Demise- end/death of


18-Innate- from within


19-Efficiency- the speed, ease, and quality of how a task is performed


20- Cursive- script (not print)

 September 19th, Tuesday
Write spelling in cursive one time each and then one time in print.  See list above.
Test is Tuesday, 26th combined with proofreading marks as discussed in class. You'll need 23 index cards (blank) tomorow, any type is fine, colored, white, lined, non lined, larger, smaller, etc.  

September 20th, test may be moved to Wednesday.  See above. I'll also only do the even spelling/cursive words so practice them!  Out of the 24 flashcards for the proofreading, I'll choose ten. No hw due to holiday. 

September 22th 
Write evens in spelling one time in cursive, one in print. Test is now Wednesday and includes proofreading marks. We made flashcards in class.  The spelling list is above, in September 18th section.  Have a great weekend! 

September 25th
Study your proofreading flashcards for your test on Wednesday.  You will need to know multiple definitions so know them all if there's several.  Also, you have a spelling portion of the test which requires you to know cursive. Study only the evens. If you cannot locate the spelling words, please scroll up to last week to find them. 

Bring a novel for post test for Wednesday.

Have a great day and enjoy the weather!

September 26th see yesterday
Bring a novel for post test tomorrow.
Bring Chrome book Thurs and Monday, charged.

September 27th Wednesday

Do a venn diagram on the two articles by Palmer and Tarshis in the "more cursive" packet.  


Links below:
Is Cursive Dead.docx

Some ideas- tone/ slang/ which emphasizes a point more (say historical aspects)

Come with charged Chromebook tomorrow. 

September 28th
Essay on Tarshis and Palmer- five paragraphs- due Tuesday. We'll work on it in class on Monday.
Come with your charged Chrome book. 

October 3rd
Look at "synonyms for similar and different" document and add some in. Similarities thesaurus synonyms etc.docx
Read your first paragraph and compare it to your first draft's version and notice improvement.
Read your remainder of the essay and make any changes that come to mind. If you are having difficulty in
noticing the areas that need improvement, each day we'll work on a body paragraph or two by adding
FRE3D (fact, reason, example, evidence, elaboration, detail that pops). 

October 4th
Take the Fact, Reason, Example, Evidence, Elaboration, Detail sheet and add in new information into your
first body paragraph. 

See document worked in class:

FRE3D BLANK- first to second.docx

October 5th and 6th
Do what we did yesterday for your second body paragraph.
Friday- work for 10-15 minutes on editing 

Oct 11
Do vocab two sided sheet, for tomorrow and print out essay for Friday.


Visual Representation



  1. Rotund



Image result for rotund cat














Personal Association or Characteristic




  1. Rotund- round, spherical, chubby, overweight



My cat, Mittens, is quite rotund.














Visual Representation




















Personal Association or Characteristic





















Oct 12th
Print out essay.
Do vocab sentences, 10 in total, underlining vocab word. Context clues are
required and suffixes are ok to add if needed.  Use vocab pages 14-16 to choose
your ten words. They must be different sentences than yesterday's.
Or, do Google Slides, 15 slides.  Horizon must include the synonyms.  

Oct 13th
I gave out Class Codes for Google classroom.  It is here as well:  

Go to Tagul (also known as Wordart.com) and create a vocabulary lesson one word art image. It must have three vocabulary words using words from pages 14-16 that make sense together. (In class, I did "famished," "repast," and "instantaneously" as in "Because I was famished, the waiter instantaneously delivered my repast." Then find an image you want to use, adding words in that make sense such as "Chicken Parmesan" or "Natales,"etc. Add as many words as you like that associate with the idea/image. Print it out. (You can also do this with Wordle.com but it does not have pictures.)

Also due Wednesday-You have a choice of the following (everyone does Tagul/Wordart/Wordle too).
Take a song that already exists and change the lyrics so that two new vocabulary words appear in them. It must make sense. OR Draw a picture with the words or do a mini story.