Homework Policies

Homework assignments count for twenty percent of a student's grade in 8th grade Language Arts.  Students should expect to devote an average of about thirty minutes each day to LAL homework.

Unless otherwise stated all HW assignments may be typed. 

Homework is checked routinely and all parts must be complete on the day of the HW check in order for full credit to be given.  Where fractional parts are completed, fractional credit is given.  If a student is unprepared on the day of the check, the HW grade for that assignment is a zero and can be made up for half credit the next day.  Of course, if there is a family emergency or an extended illness, please reach out to me. Copying from a website or another student is considered cheating;  if caught, a zero will be given to all students involved.   

Homework is graded using a "check "system. The following guidelines are offered to interpret HW grades:

  • check + + = 100  (The student has gone above and beyond the assignment's basic requirements)
  • check + = 95  (The student has met most of the requirements including completeness, neatness and correct formatting)
  • check    = 80  (The work product has met the basic requirements of the assignment)
  • check -  = 65  (The work product was either incomplete or did not follow instructions adequately to meet the assignment's basic requirements*

*    increments of five may be applied in either direction of the check
**  some (very simple) assignments warrant a 100 just because they are complete