9/ 7/17  Academic  Labs 6, 7, 8
:    All lab students are to bring in a sturdy 2 pocket folder for in-class use. It is strongly recommended that students also bring in extra pens, pencils, index cards, and highlighters for in-class personal use. 

9/12/17  Academic Labs 7 & 8:  Review handout re:  attitudes, preparation/organization, and test prep with parents. Obtain signature. Return signed packet by 9/13/17

9/14/17 Academic Lab 6: If you have a printer at home,  you may print out your  images  for your autobiographical format poem. Bring them to class tomorrow. Coffee House rescheduled for Tuesday, September 19th. 

9/15/17 Academic Lab Grade 6:  please bring in a 4 X 6 picture of yourself

9/22/17  Academic Lab Grade 6:  Review Math Study Guide Ch 1 Lessons 1-3, obtain parent/guardian signature, bring signed study guide to class on Monday for additional review.

9/26/17  Academic Lab Grade 6:  Review for your Spelling/Editing Test tomorrow (get Academic Lab Spelling/Editing Test Prep sheet signed, return tomorrow). Don't forget you have a math quiz tomorrow too!

10/13/17  Academic Lab Grade 6:
 Review for your Chapter 1 Math Test on Tuesday.  Ensure that you have 4 problems completed/page, obtain parent/guardian signature, return on Monday. Mr. Hockmeyer has scheduled a Vocab. Quiz on Tuesday and a Test on Wednesday.