October 2018 Newsletter

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Preschool Newsletter

October 2018

             October will be a fun-filled month where we will discuss community helpers, fire prevention, pumpkins, and Halloween.  We will also begin learning a new letter each week, as a new letter will climb up our “coconut tree”.  Please remember that we will be going out on the playground a few days a week, as part of our “center time”.  Your child MUST wear sneakers or rubber soled enclosed shoes to play on the playground.  Sandals and crocs are not permitted. 

             During the week of October 1st, we will be discussing community helpers, as well as the letter A.  Some activities include matching helpers to their vehicle or tool of use, patterning pictures of community helpers, playing a memory game, and pretending to be various community helpers.  Our show and tell for this week is something that a community helper would use. For example: Fireman – bring a fire truck, Chef – bring an apron or cooking utensil, MailMan – bring a letter, Doctor or Nurse – bring a pretend medical kit or tool, etc.  We will also be discussing the letter A as we make an apple and learn about the short /a/ sound. 

             During the short week of October 8th, we will be learning about fire prevention and fire safety.  We are excited to have the Stirling Fire Department visit us at school this week, where we will learn about fire safety and sit in the fire truck.  Some of our activities this week include learning how to ‘stop, drop, and roll’, sequencing the events, learning about safe and non-safe materials, and learning how to call “911”.  Our show and tell for this week will be something red, like a fire truck.  Please remember that there is no school on Monday, October 8th and Tuesday, October 9th, as teachers will be participating in workshops/in-services. 

           During the week of October 15th, we will be discussing pumpkins and the letter B.  Some of our activities include sequencing pumpkin growth, exploring the inside and outside of a pumpkin, painting a pumpkin milk jug, counting pumpkin seeds, and much more.  We will also be discussing the letter B as we make balloons, learn about the /b/ sound, and make a giant letter B using “b”eans.  Our show and tell for this week will be something orange, since pumpkins are orange.

            During the weeks of October 22nd and October 29th, we will be discussing Halloween related items such as monsters, scarecrows, ghosts, bats, and candy corn.  We keep the topic of Halloween very light and fun in preschool – nothing spooky or scary.  We will also learn about the letter C during the week October 22nd and the letter D during the week of October 29th.  We will make a car for letter C and a duck for letter D.   Our show and tell during the week of October 22nd is something “Halloweeny”.  We will not have show and tell on Halloween, October 31st.  Our Halloween parties will take place on Wednesday, October 31st.  Please refer to the detailed information to come about Halloween which will be sent home soon.  Thank you.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 


                                    Mrs. Wycko