Coulter, Ms. N

Grade 4
Millington School


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Welcome back to school.  I hope you all had a wonderful summer with your families.   I'm excited to be joining the 4th grade team this year.  I joined the Millington community last year as a third grade leave replacement teacher.  I am a graduate of Montclair State University and have experience teaching in urban and suburban districts.  In addition, I held the position of Assistant Director at a private school in Florham Park.   I believe in a positive and motivating classroom environment that engages each student.  I look forward to a great year ahead.  

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This year will be filled with exciting and meaningful educational experiences for your child.  This includes homework, book reports, D.I.R.T. folders and current events assignments. 

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My email is and my phone number is 908-647-2312 ext. 2018.

This Week's Vocabulary Words   9/24/18

#1 unfurled become spread out from being in a folded state
#2 glaring giving out or reflecting a strong or dazzling light
#3 admire to think of an object, person, or quality with respect or warm approval
#4 inferior lower in rank, status or quality
#5 ignition the action of setting something on fire or starting to burn
#6 sheepish showing embarrassment from shame or lack of confidence
#7 reluctant unwilling and hesitant
#8 lurch make an abrupt, unsteady, uncontrolled movement or series of movements
#9 overhaul take apart in order to examine it and make necessary repairs
#10 hardship severe suffering