Hockmeyer, Mr. P.


Welcome to Mr. Hockmeyer's website.
For 6th Grade Social Studies and 6th Grade Geography we will be utilizing Google Classroom this year. Please make sure you remember your User Name and Password. All assignments, announcements, notes, and projects will be available on the Google Classroom webpage.

I urge you to have your children show you their google classroom. Almost all assignments will be turned in and graded via this portal. We will also have a calendar of events that will be linked to this page, but to keep up with our daily content in our class, you should really check out their google classroom.

Classroom Materials Needed for Social Studies

  1. Three Ring Binder

  2. Paper (lots)

  3. 2 Pencils

  4. 2 Pens

  5. Highlighter

  6. Colored Pencils/crayons/markers--these will be used to create and color maps!

  7. Charged-up Chromebooks

Our class will consist of plenty of individual and group activities, including, but not limited to; online research, historical readings, map study, discussions about differing cultures, note-taking, videos, and projects.

Simple rules to follow!

  1. Follow the rules of the classroom

  2. Be present daily with an open mind and motivated brain

  3. Complete work on-time and with your best effort

  4. You are also expected to listen to others, respect others, and be kind to others.

Mr. Hockmeyer