Kmetz, Mrs. P.

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Welcome to Mrs. Kmetz's second grade class!



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2nd Grade Supply List 2018-2019
***PLEASE place your child's name on each item***



1 Doz.

#2 Ticonderoga Pencils, sharpened


Folders, 2 pockets, 4 Blue/Red/Green/Yellow – durable and FIRM PLASTIC

1 box

Crayons, Crayola, Tuck Box of 24

1 set

Crayola washable markers, wide tip, classic colors, set of 8

1 box

Crayola classic markers, thin tip, set of 8


Highlighter, chisel tip


Elmer’s glue stick, washable, purple, .77 oz.

1 Pk.

Expo Dry Erase Markers, chisel point, low order, Assort. 4 pack


Composition book, marble cover, wide ruled 100 sheets,

(any 3 different colors)

1 Pk. of 3

Post-it Notes - 3in x 3in (3 pack)


Hand Sanitizer bottle - 12 fl. oz.

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Monday-  Spanish
Tuesday- Tech Lab and Gym (Remember Sneakers)
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Spanish
Friday-Rotation (Rotation will be posted) and Library (Remember Library Books)

School Begins 8:45
Lunch  11:00- 11:30
Recess  11:35- 12:05
Dismissal Begins 3:10


Phone:  (908) 647-2312 extension 2025

  I believe it is extremely important for parents and teachers to remain in close contact and communicate often for the benefit of the students. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments at any time! The best way to reach me is definitely by email. I check my email frequently and will get back to you as quickly as possible. You may also reach me by phone before and after school or by sending a note into school with your child. 

 Daily Homework: Please remember that this website is not to be viewed as a replacement of their homework assignment book. The students still must take responsibility for writing down the daily assignments in their assignment books. Please ask to view your child's assignment pad each night.  Memory words are tested each week and only a few of the pattern words. 

On Monday-Thursday the following homework will be assigned: MATH- This usually consists of a Reteach/Practice workbook page SPELLING- (Superkids runs on a 5 day schedule, so a spelling test may not always fall on a Friday as we would hope. Spelling Test day will be announced on the day new spelling words are assigned.) Students will choose 1 activity a night to do with that week's spelling words, using the list of activities in your child's folder. The list specifies how many words need to be used for each activity (all memory words and a certain number of pattern words, depending on the chosen activity). Spelling homework can be done on any paper, but if a student does not have access to paper outside of school, they may always take a piece from the classroom. D.I.R.T.(Daily Independent Reading Time) - D.I.R.T is a program to encourage independent reading at home, whether it is silently or aloud to a family member. Any reading you child does can go toward D.I.R.T reading. It can be a book, internet reading, magazines, or news articles.D.I.R.T is mandatory for all students. Students must read for at least 50 minutes each week. This can be broken up into 10 minutes of reading a night, 5 nights a week, or any other combination that you wish.This reading can be done on any night(s) of the 7 day week. Each student will receive a D.I.R.T. folder with a reading log in it. Students must record what they read, the date, and how long they have read. Parents will sign off on the reading. D.I.R.T. folders will be returned every Tuesday for checking. If a student wishes to read more than the 50 minutes, that is highly encouraged! D.I.R.T. is also a way for all students to earn homework passes.
 There may be short weeks that D.I.R.T. will not collected! Please check you child's agenda book for this information! 

Sept. 6: 1st Day of School for Students
Sept. 19: Back to School Night

Sept. 21: Rosh Hashanah- Schools Closed Sept. 26: Picture Day

Sept.29: Yom Kippur- Schools Closed October

Oct. 9 & 10: Staff in-Service- Schools Closed Oct. 31: Halloween Parade November

Nov. 6-8: Early Dismissal (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

Nov.9-10: NJEA Convention – Schools Closed

Nov. 22: Early Dismissal/Thanksgiving

Nov. 23-24: Thanksgiving Recess December Dec. 22: Early Dismissal/ Winter Break Dec. 25-29: Winter Break January Jan. 1: New Year's Day-School Closed Jan. 2 Back to School Jan. 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Day- School Closed February Feb. 16 & 19- Presidents' Day Weekend- School Closed March Mar. 5 & 6: Early Dismissal (Parent/Teacher Conferences) Mar. 30: Spring Vacation Begins- School Closed April Apr. 2-6 Spring Break- School Closed Apr. 9- Back to School May May 28: Memorial Day- School Closed June Jun. 1: Field Day Jun. 8: Field Day Rain Date Jun. 21- Early Dismissal Jun. 22- Early Dismissal- Last Day of School

   * The above dates may change. Please check assignment pads.

***We are a NUT FREE homeroom*** 

  •  If you wish to send in a birthday treat, please write me a note or send me an email to confirm the day.
  • Make sure birthday treats are labeled 2K.
  • Please send in napkins, utensils, paper products, etc... if the treat item requires them.  
  • Due to students' nut allergies, please do not send in any nut products, and include the list of ingredients if possible.
  • If your child has a birthday on a day when school is not in session (weekend, summer, any break), we can schedule a time to celebrate your child's special day with the class!

My name is Pamela Kmetz and I feel honored to have the opportunity to teach your child this year! Second grade is a magical Year! I truly love second grade because it is a year of substantial growth both academically and socially. This year your child will blossom into a confident, independent reader, writer and mathematician. We will continue to learn to add, subtract, solve story problems and much, much more! We will be authors of our own stories that we will share in class. Of course, each child will progress at an individual rate, but success is measured not by where they finish, but by how far they’ve come! I promise to work my hardest to ignite the passion of learning within my students.

A little about me…

This is my 29th year teaching, most of which was spent teaching in the primary grades. This will be my 13h year teaching in Long Hill Township and my second at Millington School.