Character Education at Millington
The mission of the Character Education initiative is...

*To use our collective resources to empower our children to develop and utilize those positive character attributes needed to become productive, participating members of family, school and community.
*For students to learn to demonstrate responsible, empathetic, trustworthy and accountable behaviors.  

Character Education is... a personal commitment....a family attitude,a response,an enhancement to the curriculum...a continuous and conscious effort to guide students to know and pursue what is worthwhile...about developing personal responsibility...about being held accountable...modeling appropriate behaviors for our children to follow...about treating everyone with respect...the hinge upon which academic excellence, personal achievement and true citizenship depend...the central concern from the home to school, the classroom to the playground, and from the cafeteria to the faculty room... A Way of Life!!
Character Education lessons are taught in large group counseling.  Character incentive take place monthly throughout the school year.