Counseling Programs

Elementary School Counseling Program

 School counseling focuses on 3 domains:    

  • Academic Issues
  • Personal/Social Issues
  • Career

School counseling is solution-focused counseling that is delivered through:

  • Individual counseling
  • Small Group counseling
  • Large Group/Classroom lessons
  • School-wide Activities

Individual counseling is recommended for a student who is demonstrating personal/social issues in school that are getting in the way of his or her school success.  Individual counseling sessions are usually scheduled throughout the school day and alternated during specials classes such as art, music, library or Spanish.  Individual counseling is short-term and solution-focused.

Small group counseling involves a counseling group of 6 to 8 students.  Groups usually meet in my office during lunch or recess.  

Large Group/Classroom lessons: In Gillette and Millington Schools, I will be conducting Character education lessons throughout the school year.  Character education focuses on the 6 pillars:

School-Wide Activities: A school-wide activity focuses on one of the Character Ed pillars.  This may be a project or activity that involves every student.