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Welcome 2B!
My name is Ms. Shannon Butler and this will be my first year teaching 2nd grade! I received my undergraduate in Elementary Education and Special Education from Seton Hall University. I am so excited to be back at Millington School, where I first received my education. I cannot wait to have a wonderful year filled with memories of my first group of students.

If you ever need to reach me, please email at sbutler@longhill.org.
My school phone number is 908-647-2312 extension: 2023

2B Weekly Spelling Homework Explanation          

All 12 memory words and 8 of the pattern words are tested each week on Day 5.  

Be sure to review each night!


   Write each MEMORY WORD 2x's each and 3 pattern words of your choice 2x’s each. (15 words total)      

   **Please number your words and skip lines. **

Day 2: There are two options to choose from. Only pick one:


  Write each MEMORY WORD and 3 pattern words of your choice in ABC order. (15 words total)  

                **Please number your words and skip lines. **


 Write each MEMORY WORD and 3 pattern words of your choice using at least 3 different colors. (15 words total)

  • You may use markers, colored pens, or colored pencils

**Please number your words and skip lines. **

Day 3: SENTENCES (8 total)-

(Choose 8 MEMORY WORDS to use) Write a sentence to help you show the meaning of each MEMORY WORD.  Underline each memory word in the sentence.


Day 4: Study in any way that works for you,


Day 5: Test (This may not always fall on a Friday!)

  • All spelling homework must be completed on lined paper and numbered using pencil! Students may always take a piece of lined paper from my classroom to use that night for homework if needed!
  • Homework may vary during short weeks.
  • Feel free to keep THIS PAPER in a safe place to refer to throughout the year for spelling homework.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at sbutler@longhill.org


2nd Grade Supply List 2018-2019



2 Doz.

#2 Ticonderoga Pencils, sharpened


Folders, 2 pockets, 4 (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow) – durable and FIRM PLASTIC

1 box

Crayons, Crayola, Tuck Box of 24

1 set

Crayola washable markers, wide tip, classic colors, set of 8

1 set

Crayola classic markers, thin tip, set of 8


Highlighter, chisel tip


Elmer’s glue stick, washable,1 .27 oz.

1 Pk.

Expo Dry Erase Markers, chisel point, low odor, Assort. 4 pack


Composition book, marble cover, WIDE ruled 100 sheets,


1 Pk. of 3

Post-it Notes - 3in x 3in (3 pack)


Hand Sanitizer bottle - 12 fl. oz.


Pencil Box to hold all supplies


Pair of scissors

Weekly Specials:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: STEAM & Music

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Spanish

Friday: Physical Education & Rotation

***We are a NUT FREE homeroom***
  • Please make sure all birthday food items have labels sent in with treat items.
  • Make sure birthday treats are labeled 2B! 
  • Please send in napkins and utensils.  
Daily Homework: Please remember that this website is not to be viewed as a replacement of their homework assignment book. The students still must take responsibility for writing down the daily assignments in their assignment books. Please ask to view your child's assignment pad each night.  Memory words are tested each week and only a few of the pattern words.


D.I.R.T is mandatory for all students! This is a way for students to earn homework passes. Our goal is for 50 minutes a week. Just keep track of any extra reading your child is participating in. It could be a book, internet reading, or news articles. Happy Reading!

*D.I.R.T. is to be handed in with a parent signature every Tuesday!

 There may be short weeks that D.I.R.T. will not collected! Please check assignment pads!
Important Dates:
11/21 is a half day
School is closed 11/22 & 11/23
   * The above dates may change. Please check assignment pads.

2B News Flash:

2B would greatly appreciate any of the following donations:
*Tissues *Plastic gallon bags *Plastic sandwich bags *Hand soap *Disinfectant wipes *Plastic forks and spoons *Paper Towels

All tests and quizzes are to be signed and returned when stamped.

Helpful Websites for 2B: