What's Happening in 1H




Hello and welcome back to school. We are off to a great start. This is an amazing class and we are already having so much fun and getting so much work done.

This is the 1st Friday folder of the year so I would like to take some time to explain how it works (I will go over it again on Back to School Night). Every Friday your child will bring home this Friday folder. Inside the folder will be the work that we did that week. You may keep ALL the work in this folder and do with it whatever you wish. Please return the empty Friday folder on Monday morning (or the 1st day of the school week if we happen to be off on Monday).

Also inside the Friday folder, you will find a weekly newsletter (like this one… although not usually this long). The newsletter will also be posted on the class website. The newsletter will contain things like upcoming events, information about the class, etc.


Thank you so much to Mrs. Anthony for volunteering to be the organizing class parent for our class. She will be working “behind the scenes” to organize sign ups for parties, etc.

We currently are in need of helpers who can attend the parties to help pass out the treats / play the games. If you are able to be a class mom helper or class dad helper, please reach out to me as soon as possible. I promise I can help you out and make the job as easy and painless as possible. Thanks so much for your help.



If you have not already done so, please send in the highlights order forms. EVEN IF THE ANSWER IS NO please send it back (you can just check no with a name – no need to fill in the personal info). We get class supplies and prizes when people send them back in.


Book orders are due on 9/18. You may order on line (if you have not already done so) using a credit card or you can submit an order to me with a check made out to scholastic books. If you are looking to order online you will need to use our class GW2XY

Book orders will be submitted on the 18th. The books will then arrive about a week later.



There will be homework Monday – Thursday. You will have daily math homework (which already started). You will have DIRT homework. DIRT gets handed in on MONDAYS (or the 1st day of the school week if we are off on a Monday). Extra DIRT sheets can be found on the class website should you lose yours.

There will also be spelling homework (this will start with unit 2 – we are working on unit 1 IN CLASS as a way to warm them back up)

Occasionally there will be other homework but primarily it will be Math, Spelling, and DIRT.


We have been very busy the first few days of school. We have completed many hallway projects. We also worked on a time capsule project that will be reopened at the end of the year.

We have begun unit 1 in math. We are reviewing adding.

We have begun superkids unit 1. Spelling homework will begin with unit 2.

We have been working on getting to know each other, getting to know the school and classroom rules, getting to know the classroom routines and so much more.



Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School

The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade

If You Take a Mouse to School

A Bad Case of Stripes

Gus Goes to School

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes

And many more

We have also started reading the chapter book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



6/18 book orders are due

6/19 No school

6/20 picture



Jayson 9/8

Emily 9/18

Avery 9/20