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I am so excited to be teaching your children! This year I will be teaching OCR language arts and guided reading in second grade.  I will also be teaching  OCR language arts and math for third grade.

Brief Bio:  I received a Bachelor's Degree from Gettysburg College in French and English Literature, and a Master's Degree for Kean University in Classroom Instruction. I live in Long Hill Township with my 3 children (two of them are away college).This is my seventh year teaching in the district. My certifications are: Elementary School Teacher, Teacher of English, Teacher of Students with Disabilities.  

To reach me:

You may email me at (preferred method) or call me at (908)647-2312 ext. 2288 . I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

***Please remember that this website is not to be viewed as a replacement of the student’s homework assignment book. The students still must take responsibility for writing down the daily assignments in their assignment books. Please ask to view your child's assignment pad each night!


Students will be expected to complete homework each night. Homework is due the next day in class. In order to help the students get their homework assignments completed, students will be given a Student Agenda. They will write their assignments in their agenda and it will travel with them on a daily basis. Also, students will bring in a Homework folder and place any important papers in their folders including daily homework that should be turned in the following day.

Students will complete written homework neatly and place it back into their Homework Folder and this will also travel with the student to and from school. If your child does not complete work in class, leaves early, or comes in late, he or she will be responsible for completing this work at home and returning it the next day. Please encourage your child to review the contents of their Homework Folder and agenda each night.Tests should be signed and returned the next day. ********************************************* ELA homework (second grade) use spelling choice board. Day 1- level 1 Day 2 level 2 Day 3- level 3 Day 4 study Day 5- spelling test ELA homework (third grade) Spelling and vocabulary will alternate by week. First a week of vocabulary, then a week of spelling. VOCABULARY (We will go over the words and definitions in class) Monday - 2 words in vocabulary four square - and study! Tuesday - The next 2 words in vocabulary four square - and study! Wednesday - The remaining words in vocabulary four square Thursday- study for the test Friday vocabulary test SPELLING - Monday- 3 X each for all words Tuesday - ABC order - and study! Wednesday - speller's choice - and study! Thursday - STUDY for the test! Friday - spelling test Math homework will be assigned and explained each day. There will not be homework on the weekends. **********************************************

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