Central Middle School

Mrs. Lozowski

Greetings from Mrs. Lozowski.

As a quick introduction; I've been a practicing Nurse for 25 years with the first ten years in critical care (Hospital, Cardiology office, Rehab and Research). From there I transitioned into a specialty Nurse for residential youth and adults with multiple disabilities at the Matheny Medical and Educational Center. During these years I obtained my School Nurse Certification (my internship was done at Central School under Ms. Givens' supervision) and continued substituting in schools (including the LHT school district), and working camps as my schedule allowed. For three years I was the Certified School Nurse for the Mendham Township Elementary School and have held multiple ancillary nursing positions in long term care and assisted living facilities.

It has been my delight to be with the Long Hill Township School District since September 2016 as the Central School Nurse.

Please notify the school if your child will be ill or absent.

Please keep your child home for 24 hours till they are without symptoms of a fever, diarrhea or vomiting.

At school all students are to be healthy and without active contagious illnesses to be in school. Students must be fever-free or not vomiting for 24 hours in order to attend school. This is to make certain children are not ill and spreading their illness to others at school.

Medicine at school Does your child have a food Allergy and or Anaphylaxis please go to "All other Health Forms" below and download the appropriate forms to fill out and return to school.
Parents please notify the Nurse of your child's allergy, provide physician-written prescription for how the nurse is to administer medications in school.medical documentation instruction and medication as directed by a physician using the food Allergy Action plan and the forms for Medicine at school (permission for self administration if applicable ) Remember only Nurses can give additional medications. Teachers or coaches who are trained delegates can only give the auto-injectors of epinephrine. If your Doctor wants your child to have Benadryl or prednisone, the permission for self-administration form  (see Health Forms) must be completed and handed in. Please call for clarification on these matters.

Please fill out a medication form for any medicine your student might need at school such as emergency medicine such as Asthma Medication, Epinephrine. Permission forms for self-administration are to be completed by a parent and physician or Advance Practice Nurse and may be found in Health Forms. Please send in these forms prior to the start of school along with medicine in a labeled container from the pharmacy.

Asthma info: http://www.pacnj.org/pdfs/ParentTool.pdf

Parent print out = Asthma action plan: http://www.pacnj.org/pdfs/atpstudent2012.pdf

If your student has a food allergy, parent form to download. = an Anaphylaxis care plan