Health Forms

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  1. Sports History and Physical

Parents must complete the History sheet prior to going to the doctor.

Physician will complete the exam forms, including Cardiac clearance, 
        sign, date and stamp using office stamp

Both History and Physical is then turned into the School nurse in order to sign up for
        a sport

This physical exam is good for 365 days; after that a new physical exam will be
required for the next season of sports.

 2. Health History Update Questionnaire

State form which parents update every quarter clearing student to participate in an upcoming sport) 

If your child has Asthma a prescribed rescue inhaler must be with that child (and approved for self-administration) at all after-school practices or games. (see Asthma Action Plan and Self-administration of Medications under All Other Health Forms)

Likewise if your student has a Life-threatening allergy, a Physician's prescription for that medication must be in place (see Allergy Action Plan under All Other Health Forms) and the medication either with the student (See Self-administration of Medication form which must be prescribed/approved by both Physician/parent) or in the Team kit prior to participating in any sport.  If the medication is not with the athlete, they may not participate. 

3. All other Health Forms