PTO School Representatives

School Based Volunteers

School Representatives

Each of the three schools has a group of PTO representatives who act as a liaison between the parents and the administration. Each school will have one lead representative. It is recommended that they have at least one year of experience as a representative at that school. In the event two candidates have the same qualifications, the executive board will choose the lead rep. At the request of the executive board, school representatives may be asked to serve as members of the executive committee and will attend all scheduled executive board meetings. At the first rep meeting in September, assignments of all duties will be made.

Some general responsibilities for all school representatives are as follows:

· Attend Back-to-School Nights. Pre-arrange for necessary tables, chairs and volunteers. Collect PTO and school dues and sell Notepads.

· Assist photographer on Picture Day.

· Keep PTO Refrigerator and closet/cupboard clean. Keep a supply of plates, cups & napkins.

· Coordinate and host special events within the school.

· Maintain PTO Bulletin boards in the school.

· School Beautification: maintain planters, window and door decorations if necessary.

· Communicate parental concerns and questions to the principal.

Class Parents
Class Parents are needed at both Gillette and Millington Schools. Additional information is found under the respective school volunteer link (in blue side bar on left hand side of this page).

Parent Volunteers

Art Room Assistants

The art teachers at Gillette and Millington Schools need volunteers for classroom assistance and for creating displays of artwork on the bulletin boards. Please be aware that siblings cannot be accommodated.

In the Fall, additional volunteers are needed to collect and tabulate orders for the school magnet fundraiser which benefits the art program.

Library Assistants

Gillette and Millington School librarians are happy to have the assistance of parents who volunteer to help on a rotating schedule. These volunteers help the librarians check out and re-shelve books. They also occasionally repair and restore books. Volunteers may sign-up in September and choose a weekly or semimonthly schedule for the entire school year. Please be aware that siblings cannot be accommodated.